Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Computer Heaven

This is the conversation over breakfast this morning with Red, my 15 year-old:

"Mom can you talk in heaven?"
"I don't know son.  I've never been to heaven,  but I assume you can."

"Can you use your computer in heaven?"

"Nope! All of your THINGS stay on earth.  You can't take them with you.

But who knows, there may be something better than computers in heaven."

"Not in my world," he mumbles.

"Well...that's the thing son.  It's not YOUR world.  You won't be able to tell God how to run heaven."
(Like he tries to tell me how things should work here on earth.)

"From what I understand son, heaven is a wonderful place.  There is no sickness, no pain, no sadness."

"You mean I won't have Aspergers there?"

"Nope!  No Aspergers," I say

"Then why can't God make it like that down here?"

This is a question I am not prepared to answer. 

I kind of giggle inside at the naivety of this his questions.  They seem like questions and thoughts that would come from a much younger child.  (He is now sitting at the table tearing up a paper bowl for no apparent reason.  Then he decides to pout and put his head down on the table, as if to tell me --I am not getting ready for school right now  --kind of like a 5 year-old)

At the same time, his questions and statements are indicative of the way he thinks.  The world should run according to Red's reality, instead of Red living according to the way of the world.  This is the way of his Aspie mind. 

As I drive home from taking him at school,  it is quiet and I can think clearly for the first time in this day.  Sadly I  begin to wonder if he asking me about heaven because he's thinking about death?

Suddenly,  his questions don't seem so naive. 

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