Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmastime and The Living Ain't Easy

For some reason this year the boys are especially anxious about Christmas. They've made their list. They checked them twice (to the tenth power). They know they've been naughty an nice, and yet they still have extremely high expectations.

Their lists would require at least a thousand dollars in spending (so...not going to happen). Blue's list includes an IPad, or the latest version of the Ipod Touch (even though we got the new one last year). A new HD television for his room, an Apple T.V., a trampoline and a couple of video games.

There is a little flexibility built-in to this list, however it has been made vividly clear that there must be something Apple under the tree. Otherwise his Christmas will be "ruined!" Preferably that something Apple should be an IPad.

"The Ipad is really the only thing I want," he says assuredly.

How do you deal with that? All I want is something that costs a minimum of 500 dollars!

Well of course, I want to get it for him, but big bad Dad -the more rational one in this marriage says no.

"He's too young to be responsible for something so expensive. If he losses it...he will be devastated."

Well that's true...but he's such a good hardworking kid...of course Mommy wants to spoil him.

Red's list is shorter...but no less expensive. An HD camcorder, 1080p, good image stabilization, good lighting, and so on. Not a cheap hand-held Flip or one like we got him Last Year! Yes...that's right. We got him one last year that didn't last 3 months before he was complaining how crappy it was! Yes -he actually used the word crappy in reference to a gift.

Because he acts so entitled and ungrateful -I am less inclined to give him what he wants. (Ya think!?) He is also 15 years-old and getting closer to adulthood. Yet, he has no appreciation for the value of money.

To be continued...
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  1. What a nice concept, I think I need to blog, it looks like a safe way to get some things off ur chest!!!!!!!! hmmmmmmmmmm

  2. It is good therapy! I strongly recommend it. If not publicly at least journal.