Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello Readers and Today's Funny

Thank you for stopping by!  I just get so tickled when I check my stats and see that I've had visitors from all over the world.  Shout out to my readers who came by today from Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, Seoul Korea (I think that's my sister-in-law who is serving as an officer in the Army) Moldova (had to look that one up, Eastern Europe) Rome (one of my favorite places in the world) Brazil and of course all over the United States! 

The goal of this blog is to help educate others about what it's like to live with, and raise children with Aspergers.  Lucky me! I have a double whammy -two adolescent boys with it.  Apparently, this is an issue that people are dealing around the corner and across the globe.  

So when my son asks me why I'm writing about him I can say -I'm writing about you so that people in the world will understand what it's like to live in your shoes.  So that when you go out to get a job, or go to college people will be familiar with Aspergers.  I also write so that parents who are dealing with this issue will know that they are not alone in the joys, pain and frustrations that we face on a daily basis. 

Thanks again for reading!  

Today's Funny:  

I took the boys for an adventurous hike in a wooded area not far from our house. Both of them have gained a few pounds due to the medication that they are taking in addition to their limited diet, which I am working on, one day at at time. 

Red absolutely did not want to go.  He complained the entire time.  We walked so far,  until he had no choice but to keep following us.  I promised him that the walk would ultimately make him feel better, help him sleep better and give him more energy during the day. 

We're walking on a trail and we come to a fork in the road, one path is paved, the other is rocky and hilly.  I chose the rocky one -symbolic of my life.  The boys both hesitated.  

"Mom...I don't know if this is such a good idea," says Blue.
"Are you serious? We could die," says Red.
I keep walking. "Just be careful, don't go too fast and watch out for the rocks," I cautioned them.  
"I'm going to be really mad if one of us dies," Red says.  Really? I laugh out loud. 
"What if you're the one who dies? I guess you can't exactly be mad then," says Blue.

Maybe you had to be there...but I thought it was hilarious -brilliant really.    


  1. Ha! Good story! My son w/ Asperger's tends to be very dramatic when he's upset too.

  2. Yes, it's me Sis. I love reading your blog because I've seen it 1st hand and can honestly picture everything as it has happened! Also, half of the things you write about fit perfectly with Nikolas...who's just extremely spoiled and unappreciative sometimes. They drive us crazy, but we love them to death! Love you! Keep up the good work!