Sunday, February 9, 2020

Blind Love

Sometimes love is blind
We convince ourselves that the person we think we love is perfect
Unable to recognize their flaws
Unable to see what is at stake
We are stubborn and ignore everyone’s warnings
Someone can tell you how things will never work out
How the person isn’t right for you
That it isn’t meant to be
Even if you concede and agree with that person
Love is a force
No matter what anyone says
You can’t let go of this person
It is not until the day comes
Whether it be rejection, betrayal, or revelation
When you’ve been led on long enough
You finally, wake up
You find out the hard way
It hurts like hell
You feel an emptiness inside
Believing love is not real anymore
That no one could ever desire you
But then
After overcoming this pain
And learning from your mistakes
You find that love is not just a heart-fluttering feeling
You realize that you must see someone for all of who they really are
Both the darkness and the light within
Become aware of everything
Understanding that they are not perfect
Despite their flaws and darkness
You choose to accept them
To embrace them
To cherish them
It is when you finally make this conscious choice
That we know true love


This was written by a self-aware, insightful, old soul, inside of a young man of 21 years. He hopes that this will help someone understand love a little more. 

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