Monday, September 5, 2016

We Are Marriage

Open Air Cab in Paris
You are the clear blue pool 
to my white sandy beach 
You are decision
to my contemplation 
You are practical 
to my anxiety 
You are the long way
to my shortcut
You are the planner  
to my go with the flow
You are the organized
to my mess  
You are night 
to my morning   
You are science fiction
to my romantic comedy
You are engaging
to my humorous  
You are facts 
to my motivations 
and behaviors
You are the manly man
to my girly girl
You are the black and white 
to my living color 
You are the conspiracy theorist
to my hopeful optimism 
You are red wine 
to my white
You are the cookie 
to my cocktail
You are New York 
to my L.A.   
You are discipline 
to my indulgence 
You are provider 
to my nurturer 
You are strong 
where I am weak
You are my left hand
I am your right  
You are science 
to my language
We are marriage
We are parents  
We are explorers
We are music
We are dance  
We are art
We are