Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Umbilical Cord

I'm the kind of mother
who feels your joy
who anticipates your pain
you get a shot
I flinch
I feel it
maybe more intensely than you do
you are anxious
I am shaking
you are happy
I am ecstatic
you are sad
it lays heavily in my heart
I want to wrap you up
in a bubble of protection
I can not
I want to protect from pain
yet, pain is growth
you are no longer children
yet, you will always be my children
the prettiest babies
in the history of the world
to have and to hold
four pounds, eight ounces
five pounds, thirteen ounces
now you pick me up
you hold me
I want to coddle and comfort
yet, discomfort makes progress
I do what I have to do
not what I want to do
I let you fly
I watch you fall
I see you get up
standing strong
from inside my body
to out in the world
my babies
my strong young men