Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Torchy's Tacos & the Blue Moon

Courtesy of Torchy's 
Only my Aspie son would freak out about why the hot taco place in Austin is named Torchy's, and why the symbol on their logo is a little devil.   I am guessing they are named Torchy's because their tacos are hot and spicy as hell.  At least that's what I surmised by trying to research it this morning.  Wonder if anyone else has ever googled, "Why is Torchy's Logo a little devil?" Most people probably don't care.  It certainly wasn't on my radar, before Red brought it up to me yesterday.

There's a new one in our neighborhood and of course, Blue, my foodie, has to go check it out.  We've been to other locations in Austin before.  I have taken Red there for breakfast tacos after a therapy appointment. He was apprehensive at first, because it was something new, but once he tasted that fresh, bacon and egg taco -he loved it.

He's been in a particularly good mood for weeks now since he returned from the Christian Autism Camp, and Jesus is his new best friend.  But yesterday, was a  His mood was fine all day until we walked through the door at Torchy's.

All of a sudden he had this angry, scowl on his face, like he was disturbed by something.  It almost seemed like he was in a daze or a trance.  I took it as -he's just checking out the scene here.  He's apprehensive because it's lunch time, and he's not sure if he will like the regular tacos as opposed to the breakfast ones he's already tried.  

Finally, I asked him, "Why do you look so angry?"
"This place is satanic," he says.  "Do you see that devil on the logo?"
I try to brush it off.
"Honey, that's just about their taco's being torched with fire. I don't think it's meant to be offensive, or devil worshipping."
At least I had never thought about it and I hope not.
"I would NEVER work here.  In fact, I don't want to come here again," he says.

Well, he ate his plain chicken and cheese tacos so fast you would never know he didn't like the place.  Except for the fact that as soon as he finished wolfing down his food, he started in on this whole negative vibe talking about going back to school, and girls, why he can never find a girlfriend.   The nice girls are always taken.  How he's going to ask out a girl this year and he doesn't care if she has a boyfriend.  "It's up to her to say no or not.  And if her boyfriend gets mad...well that's his problem."

Wow! What happened to Jesus's new best friend?
"That doesn't sound like something Jesus would do or that he would want you to do. In fact, it sounds like you're looking for trouble.  Besides, any girl who will dump her boyfriend to go out with you, will end up dumping you for the next best thing. She has no loyalty.  Why would you want someone like that?"

These little, essential nuances about dating and relationships, he has absolutely no clue about.  Why should he? He's never dated!

He went on and on talking in circles until he was making himself angry, and of course, then blaming it on me.  I mean he would not shut up! They serve margaritas at this place.  Too bad I hadn't ordered one.

The other thing about this day was that there was a Blue Moon.  Was it the Blue Moon that was making him talk this crazy talk?  Or was it the Torchy's little devil?

The crazy talk went on after we left and while we shopped in Target.  I had him get his own basket and shop from his own list for groceries.  I tried my best to stay away from him the store because I'd had it with the negativity. Every time we saw each other, he started back up -making himself more and more agitated with each negative statement.

Finally, on the way home, I told him...
"It looks like the devil is sitting right on your shoulder right now telling you to be angry and you're listening to him.  I'm sure your friend Jesus is really disappointed."

Truthfully, I still don't know if it was the Blue Moon, Torchy's little devil, anxiety about going back to school, or maybe just plain old Aspergers -heavy on the ass.  But I was certainly glad to pour my cocktail, shut my door, go to sleep and leave the negativity behind.