Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

A couple of days ago I posted on my Facebook Community Page (please join us if you haven't already):

"My husband thinks I'm nuts because I sit in my car, in my driveway for extended periods of time.  My neighbors probably think I'm cookoo for Cocoa Puffs!"

Surprisingly, I got a lot of responses from Aspergers Mom's across the world who do the exact same thing.

I sit there reading blogs on my phone, playing Words with Friends and listening to music. There are no voices of children in my car.  There are no requests for me to do anything for anyone.  It's an escape...a pathetic escape, but an escape nonetheless.

This morning I took sitting in the car to a whole new level.  This is what I was listening to:

Nothing like smooth jazz. 

This is what I was sitting in:

Don't get excited it's my husband's loner car.  My car is 7 years old and the biggest luxury about it is that it runs. 

Now this is just a bonus pic from this morning of "The Man" who would be Blue...wearing the cutest Blue jeans.  I wanted to take a picture of how cute his derriere is in these jeans...but he would kill me!