Friday, August 12, 2011

Funny Friday

After yesterday's sad look at my reality, I feel obliged to share some laughter and smiles with you today. 

My dear friend Elena from the Confessions Facebook Community  sent me this:
We're at a restaurant.  G3 (her 8 year old Aspie) holds up his glass and yells, "Refill!"  Mom says, "At least say please! I don't know what's happened to your manners?  You used to be so polite." 
He says very matter-of-factly, "Life has changed me...that's what happened." 

Of course, Elena doesn't think this is very funny.  If they only knew how much life will really change them.  I believe G3 is pretty insightful...he is a deep thinker, like my son Blue.  He is also very funny! 

I take Blue and his friends to the YMCA this week so that they can swim and I can work out.  The boys (who also have autism) insist with their mother that they can not change at home.  They tell her, "You're not allowed to walk through the Y with your swimming trunks on.  You have to change there," and they are quite adamant about it.  I don't know where they got this idea, but big deal.  Blue has his trunks on.  Twin number 1 has his stuff in his back pack.  Twin number 2, is carrying his few garments in his hands.  

They change...I walk them over to the pool area and make sure they understand the pool rules at this particular Y.  They go off to swim.  I go off to run with the Black Eyed Peas.  

After I catch my breath, I decide to go look for them. They are coming down the hallway also looking for me.  Twin 2 says, "I can't find my underwear!  I can't find my underwear! Please help me find my underwear!"  He is very loud.  Parents are sitting there watching their kids in gymnastics classes.  The other two boys, try to shush him.  They are mortified and snickering at the same time.  The parents are all looking at me like WTH?  I could care less.  I don't even bother to explain.  The truth is...I can't stop laughing...very quietly laughing. 

I encourage the boys to trace their steps.  They go back to the pool deck, where the underwear are laying on the ground.  "Here they are! Here's my underwear!"  He picks them up and twirls them around for all of the world to see.  Discretion? What's that? 

I send them packing to the mens changing room so that he can change out of his wet swimming trunks into his dry underwear.  I tell the other boys to stay with him to make sure he doesn't loose anything else. 

My friend Sharon from Mama'sTurnNow sent me this one:

Her son Jay comes to her room and starts dancing.  "What are you doing Jay?" she asks.  "Flash Mob," he says.  And then runs out.  (get it...he dances quickly and is gone in a flash).  Later she tells him.  "A flash mob is a group of people dancing."   Later he comes back, with his stuff animals.  Guess he found himself a group. 

Here's another one from Elena: 
G3 always refers to t.v. showtimes by saying 8...7 central.  He asks his mom to set the alarm for 8...7 central.  She says to him, "G3, we live in eastern time.  You don't have to say 8...7 central.  It's just 8."  He just looks at her and says, "O.K. did you set the alarm for 8...7 central?" Mama says...(Sometimes he is so brilliant...other times, well...). 

By the in Texas (which is central time) they still refer to shows as 8...7 central.  Hopefully, you can figure out where you are so that you don't miss your show.
Back to my boys.  I give Blue a few dollars at the pool to buy himself and the boys a snack.  He buys himself a hot dog and a power drink and Skittles.  He buys Twin 1 two hotdogs and a chocolate bar.  Twin two gets popcorn and a drink.  They have just finished their snacks.  I am rushing them home so that they can have dinner before their dad takes them to a baseball game.  Twin 1 turns to me and says, " about dessert?"  
"Dessert?  Didn't you just have a chocolate bar?" 

I love these boys.  We are so blessed by their presence in Blue's life and for the laughter that their pure honesty brings. 

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