Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That Ain't Right!

If you've been reading while I was know that I had a fabulous trip!  For 5 days I was able to forget who I am, what I do, and just be.  I am a woman -an adult who can laugh with her friends and family.  Free like a bird -I came and went taking full advantage of my independence.  I spa'd, danced, laughed, dined, cocktailed and chatted with old friends and siblings. It was great -until I got to the airport to come back home when I get one of those infamous phone calls.

Yes -that's right.  The shit hit the fan on my very last day.  My mom calls to ask me a question about medication.  She also fills me in on the days events. "We had the opportunity to walk in your shoes today. We now know what you go through."  

This time, my husband was there to field the phone call from school, "You need to come and pick up your son.  We can't put him on the bus because he is seeking attention by making suicidal threats." Aspergers dad -was in the middle of carpooling Blue and his friends when he gets the call.  He had to drop them off and go over to the high school to retrieve an angry, unhappy Aspergers teen.

After a conversation with the school Psych -Red apologized for making those statements.  He says he was just angry and didn't know what else to say to express his anger.  There is a wall full of positive statements written and posted all over the walls to remind him of all of the good things in his life.  The staff is  trying their best to be supportive.

By the time they get home...he goes back to the negative script, "Ms. so and so is just mean!  No one cares about me!  The work is just too hard!  The classes are too loud.  I hate the cafeteria.  Maybe I should go to the hospital.  I have no other choice."

The following morning I call his Psychiatrist's office to fill her in on the days events.  She wants to see him.  Instead of me falling back into bed because I am jet-lagged, I get myself together to take him to see her.  She almost hospitalized him based on his statements.  He talked his way out of it.  Assured her that he just needed to rest at home and wait for the tweak in his medication to kick in.  He promised that if he had any more serious bouts with anger he would be willing to go to the hospital.  She gave him a mental health day off from school and sent us on our way with a medication adjustment.

It just doesn't seem right that a kid should have so many different meds on board just to make it through the day at school.  At the same time, we can't have him exploding all over the place, making threats and creating havoc at school and at home making himself and everyone around him miserable. The whole situation is just screwed!

It's a really difficult decision to give your kid medication, but when he's full of anxiety, depression, anger and heavy moods you feel helpless.  I feel inclined to take the advice of the professionals who are close to the situation and have all of the facts to help them make an informed decision on how to proceed.  I just wish their was a better way -you know, like a miracle.        

If you have any thoughts or feelings about your child, Aspergers and medication...I would love to hear your feedback.                                                                                                              

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