Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spa Pura

Today I left my worries behind.  I am back home in sunny southern California visiting my family and friends -sans children.  I had the best massage of my entire life (thank you Ma Lee at Spa Pura) followed by lunch with one of my dear friends.  It was so nice and my phone didn't ring one time.  Here's to the good life! Cheers!

Me and my dear friend R-
Once upon a time back in our 20's, we were roommates / party girls...hitting all of the local L.A. nightclubs.  Now we are PTA, Girl-scout leading, carpool driving, school volunteering, putting-our- children-first,  moms.

For today...we were carefree! Thank you Ms. R- I love you today and always.

BTW...this restaurant La Grande Orange in Pasadena, CA -best Red Velvet cake and Key Lime pie EVER!!!