Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Commercial Love Day

I really hate the whole commerciality of Valentines Day.  I have this vision of retailers salivating at the thought of getting some of our money.   You have the cheesy jewelry commercials.  Flowers and balloons are everywhere!  The mailbox is full of ads.  I just think...what kind of suckers do they think we are? We don't need any freakin' gifts for Valentines Day.  For heaven's sake, Al and I have been married for 17 years.  I know he loves me and I love him.  We don't need to go spend money to prove it.

Last year I made him a picture for Valentines Day.  It was in oil pastel  --two golden hearts linked together.   I mean doesn't that say it all?  No money spent...bam!  Here it is.  I can't even remember if he bought me anything.  I'm sure he bought flowers, and I'm sure I didn't cook.  We probably ordered in or something.  I can't even remember what we did for sure.  One year just runs into another when you've been married for so long.

I do however remember making him something with my own two hands.  It still hangs in our living room.  That's what this love day should be about.  Giving something you made -from your heart.

<< Here it is.

Well so much for that soapbox...today, we broke the rules.  He offered to take the afternoon off and take me to out to lunch.  (Cha-ching$$) So off we go to North a fancy Italian place in the Domain a fancy-smancy outdoor shopping center.  I have a calamari and arugula salad with some kind of lemon dressing...yum!  He has baked ziti.  Very fresh -delicious!

After lunch we go for a walk through the outdoor shopping area.  Oops  --I forgot my sunglasses.  We go into Brighton and he buys me a new pair. (Cha-ching$$$)  My old ones have scratches on them.  They are overpriced.  I seldom buy anything that is not on sale.  But hey -it's Valentines Day.  He's feeling generous...I go for it.  Such a hypocrite!

On the way home we stop to pick up lunch for my mom and a special Valentine treat for Blue.  Since Red told me emphatically that he "hates Valentines Day!"  I wouldn't want him to benefit from a day that he hates. I mean...what an insult that would be.  After all, he just about cursed us out after we took him to his favorite restaurant for dessert last night.

We break another rule and buy flowers for my mom before we head home.  (Cha-Ching$$)

We arrive home and Blue has gone "out for a walk."  He walked to Walgreens to buy me and Dad chocolates and a card.  I have 3 sons.  2 of them are older, 22 and 15.  He is 12 and the 1ST to buy cards and gifts without prompting!

So sweet!  So thoughtful! 

Red comes home and gives us the wonderful gift of a nice screaming rant about how much he hates Valentines Day. "It's not even real!  It's just a fake holiday!"   He goes off to his room and proceeds to tell the facebook world "F*#! Valentines Day!"  We stop him just before he clicks post.  I tell him that he can express his negative feelings about the day without swearing.

"What do you think your grandmother, your cousins, aunts and uncles will think about you if they read  language like that coming from you?"

Of course, he hadn't given that any thought.  He changes his mind, but continues to rant about how horrible his life is.  -Just Lovely!

What a miserable existence -to feel so angry most of the time.  I ache for him --literally.  I will not however, let this completely ruin my day.

For the most part ...it really was a great Valentines Day.

I failed to mention my favorite part of the day:

As we walk through the shopping area we hear the Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta Song "You're the One That I Want".  Hubby and I are holding hands.  We break into full song and dance right there in the middle of the sidewalk like were in the musical "Grease."  People are looking and smiling.  The spontaneity of that moment was priceless.

That moment, the card and especially the thought from Blue made it a nearly perfect Valentines Day, despite the fact that we made the local retailers happy.

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