Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Can Sing!

This was originally posted in July, 2010.  Thought I'd repost this gem...

Today the boys were arguing tooth and nail about Red's singing talent, or lack thereof.  Let me just note that listening to him sing is a huge delight for me.  Not because he's the next American Idol but because first  if he's singing, he's not talking, or complaining.  Secondly because singing makes him happy (or at least gives that illusion).

Blue can not stand to hear his brother sing.  In fact,  he absolutely HATES it.  Of course, Blue has the ears of  a dog.  His autism makes his ears super sensitive to sound.  He can hear Red singing in the shower upstairs when he is downstairs playing a video game.  Every time he hears him, he starts to go into this act of convulsions, like he going nuts.

"Mom...Please! Help! Stop him!" He performs as if he's being physically assaulted.

Part of this is just plain old sibling rivalry.  You know, "Mom...he's looking at me!  He's touching me!, etc."  But my kids take it to a whole new level.  I mean they will come to blows over this.  I have found Blue who is about 4ft 9, 100 pounds on top of his brother who weighs twice as much, trying to choke him to death because he is singing.

Red on the other hand is bound and determined to convince Blue that he really is a great singer.  This WILL NEVER HAPPEN! At least not before I'm old and gray! (Oh, too late).  So the funny moment was when Red says to Blue "There were 200 people at the camp last week who loved my singing. They were standing and clapping.  They said I was the best!"

To that Blue replies, "There are thousands of people who think the Jonas brothers are good.  That doesn't mean they are!"

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