Saturday, March 27, 2010

Insane Asylum pt. Deau

At least two times a week I receive phone calls or e-mails from school just to break up the monotony in my otherwise peaceful day.  Someone is having some kind of melt down or problem.  Lately "K" is obsessing big time over a girl and not paying attention during class, therefore not completing much work.

"C" is angry at everyone, mostly the other annoying students, and is having some kind of issue. He doesn't want to sit in the cafeteria because of the smells.  He can't get along during P.E. because he feels that some student is picking on him.  He is angry at a teacher for "yelling" or being mad at him, or because they won't listen to his side of the story. By the time I pick him up from school, he's ready to explode.  He's spent the entire day avoiding land mines.  He's stepped on a least a couple of them and he's just freakin' exhausted from the whole process.

Neither of them understands why the world doesn't work the way that it should.  The way other people do things, the way they think, the rules are all stupid! "C" is just tired of it all.  He hates the fact that he can't get along with others.  He really wants to...if they would all just start understanding him.  At least he is aware of the differences.  "K" has no clue really.  He knows that he has Aspergers.  He's not angry about it like "C" is. He's not all that interested in being introspective, figuring things out and how to make them better.  His resolutions to his problems don't make any sense, and he doesn't want to listen to, or take to heart the advice of others, i.e. therapists, teachers, parents, friends or even peers.  It's so freakin' frustrating. 

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