Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blue -A Boy with Aspergers

This boy's sadness is breaking my heart.  
Why can't I fix it?  
Why is there no magic answer? 

Written by Blue...14 Year Old Boy, 8th grade 

Why can't I sleep? 
I've been thinking, about stress in my life, and starting a relationship with a girl. 
My anger and depression is following me everywhere, and my Anxiety is increasing day and night. 
I'm feeling really... different, too different to be accepted by other people. 
Very few of my friends listen. Only the close & loyal friends, which I have very few. 
Other kids have more friends.
It's like I'm invisible to some kids. 
I can't help the fact that I'm different, or how I have a stressful life, even though I'm a good person. 
I can't even talk to kids because the people who are athletic, musicians, or very intelligent is what everyone wants (especially girls.) 
I don't have value to anyone, even though I try to help people and fix life.
I can't control it. 
I mean, I'm going to high school next year, and I want to engage with more people (mainly girls.) That's why I have not been able to sleep. 
I'm sorry that I've been so angry and down on myself, but I'm in a stage of sadness. 
The only thing anyone can do is to listen to me and care. 
This is who I am, the boy with Aspergers.